OICE Units

OICE runs three units:

Core Facility Unit (CFU)

Head: Dr. Ralf Palmisano

The Core Facility Unit (CFU) provides researchers with access to a range of imaging platforms, both in-house and external.


  1. Super-Resolution Microscopy:
    • Abberior 3D STED 2-Channel Super Resolution Microscope & Resolft
    • Evident Spinning Disk Microscopy
    • iSCAT single molecule imaging Microscope
  2. Fast Live Imaging Microscopy:
    • Leica DMi8 TIRF Widefield Fluorescence Microscope & Andor SRRF Camera
    • Leica Thunder 3D Imager Widefield
    • Zeiss Spinning Disc Axio Observer Z1
    • Zeiss Cell Discoverer 7
  3. Special Configuration Microscopy:
    • Zeiss LSM880 NLO Intravital Microscope
    • Leica SP5 II Fast Resonant Scanner
    • Leica Stellaris 8 Broadband WLL & Tau-Sense LSM
  4. Light Sheet Microscopy:
    •  LaVision UltraMicroscope II
    • Miltenyi UltraMicroscope II


  • Super-Resolution STED Microscopy
  • Super-Resolution RESOLFT Microscopy
  • Spinning-Disc High-Speed Laser Scanning Live Imaging Microscopy
  • Multi-Channel Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Multi-Channel Confocal Microscopy with Flexible Spectral Detection
  • Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP)
  • Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
  • Photoactivation
  • Spectral Unmixing of Fluorescent Dyes
  • Deconvolution
  • Particle Tracking and Co-localization
  • Environmental Control Chambers for Live Cell Imaging
  • Fixation, Immunocytochemistry, Sample Preparation
  • Protein Labeling and GFP Fusions
  • Image Processing

In the near future, we will introduce two high-end off-line workstations equipped with manufacturers’ offline workstations equipped with manufacturers’ offline licences and third party solutions, including OME, Huygens deconvolution software and Fiji imaging tools.

Contact Us: For any further questions or enquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Exploratory Research Unit (ERU)

Within the exploratory research unit we aim to develop new optical and microscope technologies. This will be in close collaboration with the Max-Planck-Institute for the Science of Light.

We will bring together physicists and life scientist of the two departments (ERU & CFU) within the same building. This will foster the exchange of ideas between the developers and the demand for new solutions from the life scientist or those in the field of material sciences. Becoming a critical mass of scientist from diverse backgrounds within the OICE will see emerge new imaging technologies in near future.

Currently we are building a copy of the single molecule super resolution imaging set-up from the Sandoghdar division of the MPI Science of Light. This setup will allow the tracking of single gold-labelled molecules (proteins) in artificial lipid bilayers. The aim is to transfer this technique into the membranes of living cells and to follow the fate of single molecules for up to 30 minutes.

New developed systems that pass the proof of concept stage will than be transferred to the core facility for the use and benefit of everyone who wants to take advantage.

(Top image shows a copy setup of the MPL iSCAT system, bottom image shows simultaneous excitation and readout on a TIRF system)



Educational Training Unit (ETU)

The Educational Training Unit (ETU) offers a range of seminars, practical courses, and workshops on imaging, sample preparation, and assembling of imaging systems. These educational programs cater to both beginners and experienced scientists.

Courses and Seminars

  1. Basic Sample Preparation and Imaging Techniques:
    • Workshop for beginners and those looking to enhance their skills.
  2. Advanced Microscopy Course:
    • Targeted at scientists with either proven prior experience in microscopy or successful completion of our Basic Imaging course.
  3. OMERO First Steps for Novel Users:
    • An introduction to OMERO for those new to the platform.
  4. Fiji/ImageJ First Steps for Novel Users:
    • Workshop on image processing and data analysis for beginners.
  5. Matlab/Fiji Advanced Course for Experienced Users:
    • Designed for experienced users seeking advanced skills.

Support for Graduate Schools and Research Centers

ETU collaborates with various graduate schools and research centers, including:

  • CRC1181 Graduate School
  • Master Module “Integrated Life Science”
  • IZKF Interdisciplinary Centre for Clinical Research
  • SAOT Graduate School of Advanced Optical Technologies
  • MAOT Master Program of Advanced Optical Technologies
  • Integrated Immunology Master Program (iImmune)