Uderhardt Lab

Uderhardt Group

Our research group employs cutting-edge integrative tissue-level bio-imaging techniques to unveil the intricate cellular and molecular mechanisms deployed by tissues to shield themselves from unwanted immune responses. Our primary focus centers on unraveling the biology and homeostatic functions of interstitial macrophages within live organisms and elucidating their role during the initial phases of inflammation. Our ultimate goal is to harness the tissue-protective capabilities of these cells, not only for the treatment but also the prevention of inflammatory diseases. As an integral part of the OICE-ERU initiative, we are committed to establishing and advancing intravital and in situ functional imaging methods, serving as invaluable tools for exploring the spatiotemporal dynamics of immune effector cells within the complex landscape of biological tissues.

Selected Publications:

  • Freeman et al., Lipid-gated monovalent ion fluxes regulate endocytic traffic and support immune surveillance. Science 2020.
  • Uderhardt et al., Resident Macrophages Cloak Tissue Microlesions to Prevent Neutrophil-Driven Inflammatory Damage. Cell 2019.
  • Uderhardt et al., Enzymatic lipid oxidation by eosinophils propagates coagulation, hemostasis, and thrombotic disease. J Exp Med 2017.
  • Uderhardt et al., 12/15-lipoxygenase orchestrates the clearance of apoptotic cells and maintains immunologic tolerance. Immunity 2012.