Nikon Demo Workshop at OICE

In April, OICE will host a Nikon demo workshop on site. Nikon will bring its new AX / AX R confocal laser microscope to our place. There are several possible dates available to book for your personal demo on site.

Flyer Nikon

People at OICE in 2021

As time goes by... We thought to have our group picture updated to show you what an amazing group of scientists from of different gender, ethnical background and experience is here to foster imaging in divers directions an dto support and your research, wheere needed. More details can be found on the staff page.

Staff OICE 2021

Staff OICE: Nzenwata - Palmisano - Winter - Fraass - Schmid - Divekar - Lang - Perez - Tripal - Said (missing)

New post-doc joined OICE

Staff A. Perez

We are very pleased and give a warm welcome to Dr. Angela Perez Castaneda. Dr. Perez did her PhD starting in the group of now Prof. emeritus Gerhard Leuchs (founding director Max Planck Instute for the Science of Light) and switched to the group of Maria Chekhova, group leader at the MPL-MPG. The title of her thesis: "Mode structure of the radiation emitted through high-gain parametric down-conversion." Angela studied physics and has a very strong background on quantum optics and adjacent fields. Her finish correlated in a timely manner with the fact that OICE and Prof. Joachim von Zanthier were about to start a research project investigating into a technique that allows non-invasive imaging of hidden objects through inhomogeneous and visually opaque layers, exploiting intensity correlations. This we are looking forward to a challenging and exciting new project.

Cold sweet tooth image


We are very happy to share latest publication with the group of Prof. Katharina Zimmermann at the Clinic for Anaesthesia. More than ten years Prof. Zimmermann searched to elucidate what causes tooth pain when teeth are exposed to cold. Yes, the title is misleading but makes a good eye candy for easter time. Dr. Zoltan Winter then post-doc at the Zimmermann group and now a scientific member of staff at OICE has performed the work on teeth with respect to visualise what you see in the amazing image. He was trained by Dr. Tripal to make best use of OICE's spinning-disc LSM (Zeiss LSM-SD). Stitching and further post image processing was supported by Dr. Schmid. Thus both members of OICE earned their acknowledgement by supporting Dr. Winter to be a co-author in this Science Advances publication. The finding already recieved a wide media coverage such as with BBC and the New York Times.

Award to Dr. Aldo Leal-Egana

We are so pleased and proud that in a co-operative project of PD Dr. Aldo Leal-Egana and OICE, Dr. Leal-Egana was awarded the prestigous Bayern Innovativ prize in 2020. Aldo is based at Prof. Boccaccini's Institute of Biomaterials. Have a look at the amazing information documentation on Youtube.

New (old) staff at OICE

OICE staff as of Oct. 2020

We are quite happy that Dr. Tina Fraass has returned from her long-term leave and complements the OICE team again. Dr. Fraass and Dr. Winter will both work and support CRC1181 "Resolution in inflammation" roughly with 50 % FTE. Dr. Fraass will be available Monday & Wednesday from 8:40 - 14:40 and on Thursday be in-house at full office hours. Dr. Winter will spend his other 50% FTE on setting up iSCAT, the outstanding single molecule imaging technique derived from the Sandoghdar lab at MPL-MPG, at OICE. Stay stuned!

OncoMed & Spectral Instruments Imaging Webinar

Please register with OncoMed by using this e-mail hyperlink to Achim Schefczik


Online Zotero Publication Database

For the support and convenience of our colleagues and users at OICE, we have created a publication repository using Zotero.

Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share research. Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. If you just looking for a quick and easy way to create a bibliography, just check out ZoteroBib.

If you want to make use of OICE's publication repository, you need to ask to become a member, it's free and once approved, you will be able to brows through OICE's publication repository. It is of caus enot exhaustive and yes it is biased by the scientists from OICE. Nevertheless we believe it makes a good entry point for references or if you are interested in digging into a special topic. Here is where you can have a closer look. Enjoy!

Latest joint publication by OICE, IZKF AMEC & Med1/UKER

We are quite happy that you can now open access our latest JOVE publication about a barrier integrity assay.

Here we describe a technique to quantify the barrier integrity of small intestinal organoids. The fact that the method is based on living organoids enables the sequential investigation of different barrier integrity modulating substances or combinations thereof in a time-resolved manner.

If you are keen to start, OICE is still open to researchers and all instruments available.