Education and Gallery

On average, OICE supports more than 250 researchers per year from more than 60 groups. Enjoy some of the fantastic images, videos and animations in the gallery. Please remember that all content is under copyright of the FAU and respective PI’s. If you are interested in a particular content please contact OICE.

Only best educated researchers are able to perform microsopy at its best. That is why OICE regularly offers hands-on courses and seminars by its highly qualified scientific staff, Dr’es Glogger, Schmid, Tripal and Palmisano. These range from the basics of microscopy to specialised courses such as Super Resolution Imaging or Organoid Live Imaging. OICE also organises seminars on downstream image processing, from the basics to deconvolution or 3D reconstruction, to name but a few.

Dr Palmisano also teaches in various master modules such as “Molecular Imaging”, “BioImaging and BioPhysics” and the School of Advanced Optical Technologies (SAOT) excellence programme.

This training programme is complemented by lectures given by internationally renowned scientists.