Imaging Systems

Localisation of Microscopes

OICE works with in-house imaging systems in its purpose-built research building at the IZNF, and with a pool of instruments located at different (de-localised) sites within the FAU.

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De-localized OICE managed microscopes

  • Leica SP8 AOBS DIVE Lightning FALCON (AG B. Kost)
  • Zeiss 780 (AG Ch. Alzheimer)
  • Leica SP5 II (AG W. Herzog)
  • LaVision TriMscope II (AG O. Friedrich)


De-localized individually managed access by OICE

  • Siemens 7 Tesla MRI (PIPE)
  • Brucker ClinScan PET / MRI (PIPE)
  • Brucker µCT (PIPE)
  • Zeiss Axio Observer 710 (AG Brandstätter)
  • Zeiss Axio Examiner 780 (AG Brandstätter)
  • Zeiss 710 with Ariyscan (AG F. Engel)
  • Leica SP5 II (AG B. Fabry)
  • Nikon TiE Epifluorescence Ultrafast-Calcium imaging (AG O. Friedrich)
  • Nikon TiE Epifluorescence Ultrafast (AG O. Friedrich)
  • Self assembled PALM/STORM Microscope (MPL-MPG) (in-active)
  • Nikon TIE (AG J. Winkler)
  • Nikon TIE TIRF (AG J. Winkler)