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Webinar from Phasefocus at OICE

From 96-wells to single cells: How Livecyte assays uncover subtle differences in dynamic cell behaviour

Successful application for a Super Resolution Spinning Disc LSM

OICE is pleased to announce that a major equipment grant for Spinning Disc Super Resolution LSM has been positively evaluated.
OICE will add a brand new Evident IXplore Spinning Disc Super Resolution + ScanR high-end microscope to its portfolio.

TruLive3D Imaging Workshop

Dates 12.9. – 15.9.2023
We are very pleased to announce a workshop in co-operation with Luxendo. Luxendo offers individual sessions with their application specialists.
Location: OICE, Cauerstr. 3, Erlangen
For more information, please contact Felix Weltzien, Luxendo.

Leica Stellaris 8 Tau-Sense WLL Workshop Scheduled

We are very pleased to announce a workshop in co-operation with Leica Microssystem. Leica offers individual sessions with their application specialists.
Date: 23rd – 25th May 2023
Location: OICE, Cauerstr. 3, Erlangen

Visit of Stephen Hurrel visual art and science

We are delighted that Stephen Hurrel, an internationally renowned artist, is visiting OICE to explore ways of bringing the science taking place at OICE to the public in a wider and artistic setting.
His work is often concerned with taking scientific work and making it experienceable through different senses in a process of translation.
Stephen Hurrel studied at the Glasgow School of Arts, where he also taught. He has also been a lecturer at the University of Gothenburg.
We look forward to an exciting discussion and an artist’s perspective on the image-making research taking place at OICE.

The sound of the wind looks like this. Permant installation Blackpool


Leeds Metropolitan University – Permanent Installation

You may see more of his work here.

iIMMUNE_ACS unterstützt von OICE

We are very pleased to support the iIMMUNE Advanced Clinician Scientist Program within the German Center for Immunotherapy “Deutsches Zentrum Immuntherapie”.
The Advanced Clinician Scientist Program iIMMUNE_ACS supports outstanding, researching clinicians after completing their specialist training. It is an extension of the specialist Clinician Scientist Programs at the IZKF (CSPI and II) and at the DZI (NOTICE) of the University Hospital Erlangen. The funded ACSs are given the opportunity to carry out a research project in the field of immunology and to prepare for a clinical-scientific leadership function through an advanced, interdisciplinary training program.

Keyence Demo Workshop at OICE

In march we will host Keyence for an on-site hands-on product workshop.
at OICE Cauerstr. 3
Monday, 27th March 2023

New Workshops at OICE

We have scheduled a range of our very popular workshops for the first half of 2023:
Basic Imaging
Advanced Organoid Imaging
Advanced Super Resolution
ImageJ / Fiji

Nikon Demo Workshop at OICE

In April, OICE will host a Nikon demo workshop on site. Nikon will bring its new AX / AX R confocal laser microscope to our place. There are several possible dates available to book for your personal demo on site.

People at OICE in 2021

As time goes by… We thought to have our group picture updated to show you what an amazing group of scientists from of different gender, ethnical background and experience is here to foster imaging in diverse directions and to support and your research, where needed. More details can be found on the staff page.
Staff OICE: Nzenwata – Palmisano – Winter – Fraass – Schmid – Divekar – Lang – Perez – Tripal – Said (missing)

New post-doc joined OICE

We are very pleased and give a warm welcome to Dr. Angela Perez Castaneda. Dr. Perez did her PhD starting in the group of now Prof. emeritus Gerhard Leuchs (founding director Max Planck Instute for the Science of Light) and switched to the group of Maria Chekhova, group leader at the MPL-MPG. The title of her thesis: “Mode structure of the radiation emitted through high-gain parametric down-conversion.” Angela studied physics and has a very strong background on quantum optics and adjacent fields. Her finish correlated in a timely manner with the fact that OICE and Prof. Joachim von Zanthier were about to start a research project investigating into a technique that allows non-invasive imaging of hidden objects through inhomogeneous and visually opaque layers, exploiting intensity correlations. This we are looking forward to a challenging and exciting new project.

Cold sweet tooth image

We are very happy to share latest publication with the group of Prof. Katharina Zimmermann at the Clinic for Anesthesia. More than ten years Prof. Zimmermann searched to elucidate what causes tooth pain when teeth are exposed to cold. Yes, the title is misleading but makes a good eye candy for easter time. Dr. Zoltan Winter then post-doc at the Zimmermann group and now a scientific member of staff at OICE has performed the work on teeth with respect to visualize what you see in the amazing image. He was trained by Dr. Tripal to make best use of OICE’s spinning-disc LSM (Zeiss LSM-SD). Stitching and further post image processing was supported by Dr. Schmid. Thus both members of OICE earned their acknowledgement by supporting Dr. Winter to be a co-author in this Science Advances publication. The finding already received a wide media coverage such as with BBC and the New York Times.

Award to Dr. Aldo Leal-Egana

We are so pleased and proud that in a co-operative project of PD Dr. Aldo Leal-Egana and OICE, Dr. Leal-Egana was awarded the prestigious Innovationspreis Bayern in 2020. Aldo is based at Prof. Boccaccini’s Institute of Biomaterials. Have a look at the amazing information documentation on Youtube.

New (old) staff at OICE

OICE staff as of Oct. 2020
We are quite happy that Dr. Tina Fraass has returned from her long-term leave and complements the OICE team again. Dr. Fraass and Dr. Winter will both work and support CRC1181 “Resolution in inflammation” roughly with 50 % FTE. Dr. Fraass will be available Monday & Wednesday from 8:40 – 14:40 and on Thursday be in-house at full office hours. Dr. Winter will spend his other 50% FTE on setting up iSCAT, the outstanding single molecule imaging technique derived from the Sandoghdar lab at MPL-MPG, at OICE. Stay tuned!

OncoMed & Spectral Instruments Imaging Webinar

Please register with OncoMed by contacting Achim Schefczik

Online Zotero Publication Database

For the support and convenience of our colleagues and users at OICE, we have created a publication repository using Zotero.
Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share research. Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. If you just looking for a quick and easy way to create a bibliography, just check out ZoteroBib.
If you want to make use of OICE’s publication repository, you need to ask to become a member, it’s free and once approved, you will be able to brows through OICE’s publication repository. It is of caus enot exhaustive and yes it is biased by the scientists from OICE. Nevertheless we believe it makes a good entry point for references or if you are interested in digging into a special topic. Here is where you can have a closer look. Enjoy!

Latest joint publication by OICE, IZKF AMEC & Med1/UKER

We are quite happy that you can now open access our latest JOVE publication about a barrier integrity assay.
Here we describe a technique to quantify the barrier integrity of small intestinal organoids. The fact that the method is based on living organoids enables the sequential investigation of different barrier integrity modulating substances or combinations thereof in a time-resolved manner.
If you are keen to start, OICE is still open to researchers and all instruments available.

Some online tutorials to fight your work at home boredom


Action taken by OICE in the wake of Covid 19

OICE is still open and operating, but on a reduced level.
No public is allowed at OICE.
From Friday 20th March the following directives are in place:
no introductions
no assisted sessions
no co-working in the same lab or shared office
no allowance to enter staff offices
We have only one member of staff on site, if you need to seek advice or help on any issue.
You are now required for your own and staff safety to strictly follow these rules: Upon arrival wash your hands thoroughly using soap and water.
  • Let the member of staff know that you have arrived and started working.
  • When in between leaving the microscopy or wet lab make use of the disinfectant which is supplied at each door or next to the sink, before touching the handle bar.
  • When you are finished take all your personal belongings with you.
  • Wash you hands thoroughly using soap and water.
  • Inform the member of staff that you are off.
  • Before leaving the building use the disinfectant dispenser at the entrance door.
We have put some routine in place for your and our safety.
We have performed a surface disinfection in a reasonable manner in all microscopy, wet lab and the workstation room.
In all microscopy rooms you will find that the eye-piece, keyboard, mouse, touch control pads, and control stick have been wrapped in cling foil. This is done by OICE staff. Do not take away the cling foil. After you have left OICE staff will perform a reasonable disinfection and replace all the used cling foil with new.
Please respect and follow the temporary directives.

OICE welcomes Dr. Uderhardt, MD

In a joint co-operation between Internal Medicine 3 (Head Prof. Georg Schett) from the University Clinic Erlangen and OICE Dr. Stefan Uderhardt will be hosted at OICE to perform his research. Dr. Uderhardt has been a post-doc in Ron Germain’s lab where he developed a novel in-vivo multi-photon protocol. He will use integrative tissue-level bio-imaging to elucidate the cellular and molecular mechanisms tissues employ to protect themselves against unwanted immune responses. Dr. Uderhardt will be hosted in the frame of OICE’s Exploratory Research Unit (ERU) and make in particular use of the Zeiss LSM 880 / Spectra Physics InSight DeepSee+ Multi-Photonsystem and further extend this systems abilities.

Olympus Super Resolution Live Cell Imaging Hands-On Workshop

Tuesday 18th of February will be packed with seminars and information about this novel solution and on Wednesday and Thursday you can bring your own sample.

Olympus will bring its unique IXplore SpinSR Super Resolution Microscope System on-site at OICE. It will be accompanied by an Abbelight SAFe 180 2D Nanoscope solution.

Registration is free of charge, yet advised. To reserve your individual time slot on the microscope it is mandatory to book in advance with either of Olympus representatives Dr. Viktor Jakob or Hans-Juergen Engelmann. To get best results for the 2D Nanoscope you can contact the Abbelight specialist Cataldo Schietroma, PhD for best staining protocols.
Download the flyer with all necessary information from Olympus here and from Abbelight here.

New Team Member at OICE

It is a pleasure to announce that Dr. Zoltan Winter has accepted the offer to join the scientific team at OICE to support in particular the researchers from the CRC1181 “Resolution in Inflammation”. Dr. Winter has an excellent track record and already accumulated a great expertise in confocal, spining disc and multi-photon imaging. Further he already has a long lasting expertise on post image processing and strengthens OICE’s expertise in sample preparation in particular delivering the Microtome expertise.

THUNDER Workshop at OICE

We are happy to announce an on-site hands-on workshop on different Leica THUNDER imaging systems at OICE. You will have the chance to bring your own sample and image with the support of Leica application specialists. Please contact Tobias Kleinhenz, Leica Microsystems for your session slot and your individual sample to bring. The workshop is free of charge and session slots will be delivered on a first come, first serve basis.
The workshop will start Monday 8th of July at 13:30 with an Introductory Talk: THUNDER Imaging Systems: Decode 3D biology in real time
You also might want to meet PAULA and take this opportunity to test Leica’s Smart Cell Imager.

OICE announces first Nature Methods manuscript being published

The OICE team is very happy to share a new tool which will enable researchers to easily animate their 3D/4D imaging data, without the need to learn a programming language or to buy expensive software solutions. Just download our new tool 3Dscript at Github, load it into Fiji/ImageJ use the online documetation and go!
3Dscript, an ImageJ/Fiji plugin2, addresses the need for an intuitive way to assemble complex and high-quality animations. Here, animations are described by a list of instructions such as “From frame 0 to frame 180 rotate by 180 degrees horizontally ease-out”, written in a syntax that is based on natural English language. Thank you to all co-authors!


Here it is the first fully FCS integrated turn-key system and in addition also multi-functional as it also allows FLIM and Multi-Photon imaging.
Some basic specs:

Laser lines single-photon

405, 458, 476, 488, 496, 514, 561,  633 nm
Laser lines multi-photon
IR Mai Tai DeepSee 690-1040 nm
Internal detectors
   1x PMT
   1x HyD GaAsP
   1x HyD SP (FLIM, FCS)
External detectors (multiphoton)
   2x 4Tune HyD RLD
“OkoLaB” incubation chamber: 35 mm petri dishes
“Super Z Galvo Typ H”
Optional resonant scanner

OICE has moved into its new research building

Now with the amazing effort of OICE staff who never asked about the time of day or day of week, we have moved into our new home. IZNF Research Building, Cauerstr. 3, 91058 Erlangen. All this with only four weeks of downtime. This means OICE will be open to public and for imaging on Monday 11th.
Not only will there be three allocated working spaces in our new S2 GenTG laboratory, we are also very pleased to announce the arrival of a new instrument. A Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7 for automated live cell imaging of slides as well as plates.
Furthermore we extend our service by offering two high-end post image processing workstations for users of OICE, which will be available in due course, too. So stay tuned, as we will announce workshops and seminars soon.

Process of relocation has started

Hello, a new year always delivers a number of challenges and opportunities. 2019 starts with a challenge, that will in the end create opportunities. We have now started the process of transferring the institute to its new research building. We are still positive and looking forward to re-open in week 6, somewhere in between 4th and 8th of February.


on Friday afternoon 30th of November I have been informed, that the state building authority (Staatliches Bauamt) has postponed the start of work in the new building into the next year. This was not foreseeable and is beyond our responsibility.
OICE will REMAIN open until 6 p.m. Wednesday 9th of January 2019.
We have now rescheduled everything and plan to do the move between January 11th and 1st of February. Currently the GenTech audit is scheduled for the 28th / 29th of January 2019.
OICE is aiming to be back to full service on Monday 4th of February.

OICE moving into new research building

Six years after the successful application for a new research infrastructure building (together with the Excellence Cluster “Engineering of Advanced Materials”) the time to say good-bye to our old place is nigh! OICE will stop public business on Wednesday 9th of Januaryr, late. We will then be fully enganged into preparations for the moving of labs, offices and microscopes to happen in the second/third week of January 2019. If everything goes well, apart from the unavoidable little incidents that for sure will happen, we are looking forward to re-start work on the 21st and awaiting official inspection and approval for work under GenTech regulations on Tuesday 29th of January. This would mean that OICE will be back for full service and operational on Wednesday the 30th of January 2019.

New Leica TIRF Microscope has arrived

OICE will deliver a practical workshop by end of October please stay tuned for the announcement.

We are quite happy to announce that the new 2 channel Leica TIRF microscope (fully motorised stage, motorised condensor changer and objective turret and 488 nm and 561 nm excitation laser lines and Leicas latest HC PL APO 100x / 1.47 oil objective) has arrived and will be available within he booking system from October 1st. OICE members of staff and first users recieveing their introduction by Leica application specialist and obviously look already excited!

Prof. Maxime Dahan

We are sorry to have been informed that Prof. Maxime Dahan, who just had visited OICE for a Mini-Symposium passed away today. Our thoughts are with his family. Maxime is fourth from left on his visit last week.

International Mini-Symposium at OICE

OICE is very happy to announce a one-day symposium with a remarkable line-up of invited speakers on Thursday 26th of July, starting at 9 am (s.t.).
Prof. Maxime Dahan, Institute Curie, Paris, France – “Single molecules in cells: from imaging to micromanipulaton”
Prof. Jan Huisken, Morgridge Institute, Madison, USA – “Smart and gentle light sheet microscopy – for you and me”
Prof. Clemens Kaminski, University of Cambridge, UK – “Optical super-resolution microscopy of molecular mechanisms of disease”
Prof. Elisa May, University of Konstanz, Germany – “Optical control and analysis of DNA damage repair with ultrashort laser pulses”
Prof. Jason Swedlow, University of Dundee, UK – “OME’s Bio-Formats, OMERO, & IDR: Open Tools for Accessing, Integrating, Mining and Publishing Image Data @ Scale”
After lunch there will be talks by members of staff from OICE about latest available technologies and methods for OICE user. The symposium is free of charge, but registration with Monika Lang ( is mandatory. The full schedule can be downloaded here.

ZEISS Workshop

High End Automation and Live Cell Microscopy
The workshop provides a forum for researchers and confocal microscopists in talks, hands-on sessions and discussions to test approaches and instrumentation for advanced imaging applications. We have taken the recent announcement of the ZEISS LSM 8 Family with its revolutionary Airyscan detector module together with the introduction of our first automated inverted microscope, that shall enable participants to quickly get an overview of current applications and the most recent instrumentation.
For more informatiuon and registration please follow this link latest by June 7, 2018 or open the pdf flyer directly here.
June 12 -13, 2018
9:30 AM – 4.15 PM
Optical Imaging Centre Erlangen
Seminar Room
Hartmannstr. 14
91052 Erlangen
We are looking forward to welcoming you in Erlangen and at OICE!

HHMI Janelia first time ever invited OICE to join symposium

It is with great pleasure that OICE has been acknowledged by the international microscopy community and had been invited to participate in the Symposium: Frontiers in Microscopy Technologies and Strategies for Bioimaging Centers Network at Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia, USA. Some 60 handpicked attendees from across the globe were asked and invited to join this symposium. Its aim is to connect on scientific levels and to set-up a network of excellent imaging and research institutes on a global scale.