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You may download our user regulations for your own purpose. OICE reserves the right to change its regulations at any time we wish to do so and without prior notice or consent by third parties. You are not allowed to make this regulations accessible on any other webpage or create a link to this location. Furthermore not to copy it in whatever way and distribute it. With the download you agree to this terms and conditions!


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Nyquist online calculator

Here is an easy to use Nyquist online calculator!

Software at OICE:

3DScript plug-in for ImageJ/Fiji developed by OICE.

3DScript Documentation is also available.

Fiji image processing.

Huygens SVI Essential software package for de-convolution and 3D reconstruction.

Leica Microsystems LAS fully licensed off-line workstation.

Carl Zeiss ZEN Lite

Links to useful resources for the interested microscopist:

Open Microscopy Environment OME develops open-source software and data format standards for the storage and manipulation of biological microscopy data. It is a joint project between universities, research establishments, industry and the software development community.

Fiji Is Just Image Fiji is an image processing package. It can be described as a distribution of ImageJ (and soon ImageJ2) together with Java, Java 3D and a lot of plugins organized into a coherent menu structure. Fiji compares to ImageJ as Ubuntu compares to Linux.

ImageJ2 ImageJDev is a federally funded, multi-institution project to develop the next-generation version of ImageJ, an image processing program widely used for scientific research. We wish to strengthen both the ImageJ software itself and its community by pursuing a unified vision of ImageJ and associated community resources, including this website, code and plugin repositories, and user and developer documentation.

┬ÁManager ╬╝Manager is a software package for control of automated microscopes. Together with the image processing application ImageJ, ╬╝Manager provides a comprehensive, freely available, imaging solution.

CellProfiler CellProfiler is free open-source software designed to enable biologists without training in computer vision or programming to quantitatively measure phenotypes from thousands of images automatically.

Fluorescence SpectraViewer Now you can plot and compare spectra and check the spectral compatibility for many fluorophores offered by Molecular Probes. The Spectra Viewer can most easily be printed by capturing a screen-shot and printing the resulting image file.

Cell Staining Simulation Tool Stain your own cell by using our brand new cell staining simulation tool to develop reproducible results with many of our signature fluorescent dyes.

Royal Microscopy Society Here you find Information about events, meetings and conferences about all kinds of microscopy.