Educational Training Unit (ETU)

The educational training unit will conduct seminars as well as practical courses on all aspects of imaging, sample preparation and assembling of imaging system. This are both for beginners and scientists on a more experienced level.

We offer practical courses or workshop and seminars such as:

Basic sample preparation and imaging techniques

Advanced microscopy course

OMERO first steps for novel users

Fiji/ImageJ first steps for novel users on image processing and data analysis

Matlab/Fiji advanced course for experienced users

In particular we support different graduate schools and research centers:


CRC1181 Graduate School

Master Modul "Intergated Life Science"

IZKF Interdisciplinary Centre for Clinical Research

SAOT Graduate School of Advanced Optical Technologies

MAOT MasterĀ  Program of Advanced Optical Technologies

SFB 796 (concluded)

Graduate School SFB 796 (concluded)