OICE Members Research Groups


Chair of Physiolgy and Pathophysiology, Prof. Christian Alzheimer

Chair of Animal Physiology, Prof. Johann Helmut Brandstätter

Chair of Microbiology and Infection Immunology, Prof. Christian Bogdan

Chair of Applied Mathematics, Prof. Martin Burger

Laboratory of DC-Biology, Prof. Diana Dudziak

Dean Faculty of Natural Science, Prof. J. Schatz

Nephro-Pathology Department, Prof. Felix Engel

Chair of Physical-Medical Technology, Prof. Ben Fabry

Dept. Neuro Morphology, Prof. Lars Fester

Chair of Physical Chemistry, Prof. Rainer Fink

Chair of Developmental Biology, Prof. Wiebke Herzog

Chair of Medical Biotechnology, Prof. Oliver Friedrich

MPL, Prof. Jochen Guck

Chair of Pattern Recognition Lab, Prof. Joachim Hornegger

Chair of Cell-Biology, Prof. Benedikt Kost

Chair of Sensor Technology, Prof. Reinhard Lerch

Institute for Optics, Information and Photonics, Prof. Norbert Lindlein

Institute of Virology, Prof. Manfred Marschall

MPL, Dr. Leonhard Möckl

Medical Clinic 1, Prof. Markus Neurath

Chair of Genetics, Prof. Falk Nimmerjahn

MPL & Dept. Phys., Prof. Vahid Sandoghdar 

Medical Clinic 3, Prof. Georg Schett

Institute of Photonic Technologies, Prof. Michael Schmidt

PULS Group, Prof. Ana-Suncana Smith

Dept. Biology, Prof. Uwe Sonnewald

Division of Molecular and Experimental Surgery, Prof. Michael Stürzl

Ophtalmic Clinic, Dr. Ralf Tornow

Internal Medicine 3, Dr. Stefan Uderhardt

Molecular-Neurology Dept. Prof. Jürgen Winkler

Biomimetic Materials and Processes, Jun. Prof. Stephan E. Wolf

Department of Computer Science PD Dr. Thomas Wittenberg

Quantum Optics & Quantum Information, Prof. Joachim von Zanthier