Schedule Kick-Off Symposium OICE

The Kick-Off Symposium starts with the Welcome Reception & Poster Session on Thursday 26th at noon.

The President of the Friedrich-Alexander-University, Prof. Dr. Karl-Dieter Grüske will give us the great honour of officially inaugurate the OICE Kick-Off Symposium at 2 pm.

12:00 Poster Session & Welcome Reception sponsored by Carl Zeiss Microscopy
14:00 Opening President Prof. Karl-Dieter Grüske
14:30 Spencer Shorte invited Core Technologies for Life Sciences: leveraging discovery by catalyzing technology innovation inside research facilities
15:15 Coffee  
15:30 Teja Groemer TIRF-Microscopy of cellular surface trafficking of APP and BACE
15:45 Alexander Steinkasserer Live imaging of HSV-1 egress and transfer from mature dendritic cells
16:00 Maximilian Waldner Optical imaging in mice for the diagnosis and evaluation of gastrointestinal disease
16:15 Sebastian Schürmann Label-Free Tissue Imaging with Multi-Photon Microscopy
16:30 Jürgen Ernst PolKa - an innovative camera for imaging polarimetry
16:45 Norbert Lindlein Calculation of the influence of polarization to high numerical aperture imaging
17:00 Coffee  
17:15 Susanne Liebe invited Gating for improvement
17:45 Andreas Burkovski Interaction of Corynebacterium diphtheriae with Mouse Macrophages revealed by Quantum Dot Sub Diffraction Imaging
18:00 Jens Ehrig High-speed single molecule tracking with nm precision
18:15 Michael Schmidt High-speed imaging for the analysis of laser processes
18:30 Stefan Will Optical Imaging Techniques in Engineering Thermodynamics
18:45 Nicolai Savaskan VOGIM: A versatile vessel imaging and tumour angiogenesis model in brain slice cultures
19:00 Speakers Dinner - La Barca   sponsored by Leica Microsystems
08:30 OICE-Building Site Inspection
09:30 Ernst Stelzer invited Shifting the paradigm in modern light microscopy: Light Sheet-based Fluorescence Microscopy (LSFM, SPIM, DSLM)
10:30 Diana Dudziak Intravital 2 photon microscopy and multicolor confocal immuno-fluorescence studies of primary murine and human tissue Dendritic cells
10:45 Manfred Frasch Analysis of migration and differentiation of mesodermal tissues via cell type-specific GFP and RFP reporters
11:00 David Zebrowski Alterations in ciliogenesis and centrosome integrity during mammalian cardiomyocyte terminal differentiation
11:15 Coffee  
11:30 Uwe Sonnewald Laser Scanning Microscopy - some applications and limitations in plant sciences
11:45 Michael Stürzl Imaginations of Imaging at the Molecular and Experimental Surgery
12:00 Gerd Häusler Optical 3D-metrology from micrometer to meter – potentials, limits, applications
12:15 Peter Banzer Full Reconstruction of Tightly Focused Vector Beams using a Metallic Nanoprobe
12:30 Lunch   sponsored by Carl Zeiss Microscopy
13:15 Michael Fischer Imaging applications and developments for molecular pain research
13:30 Jonathan Jantsch Ratiometric luminescence 2D in vivo imaging – a useful tool to visualize and monitor mouse skin oxygenation
13:45 Steffen Backert Molecular function and signal transduction of the serine protease HtrA, a novel secreted effector protein of bacterial pathogens
14:00 Sebastian Försch Molecular-targeted imaging of tumor specific growth factors in gastrointestinal neoplasia using confocal laser endomicroscopy in vivo
14:15 Thomas Wittenberg Semi-automated wide field fluorescence microscopy image analysis
14:30 Coffee  
14:45 Spencer Shorte invited FUEL for thought: a new method for detection of spatial proximity on mesoscopic scales in vitro and in vivo using luminescence excitation
15:30 Ralf Tornow Improving the quality of color images of the living human retina
15:45 Joachim von Zanthier Beating the classical resolution limit using multi-photon interferences from incoherent light sources
16:00 Christian Alzheimer Assessing the subunit composition of KCNQ channels and their interaction with the amyloidogenic beta-secretase BACE1 by optical methods
16:15 Rainer Fink

Scanning transmission soft x-ray microspectroscopy for chemical imaging

16:30 Poster Award  
  Concluding Session Prof. Sandoghdar, Dr. Palmisano