De-localised OICE managed microscopes

The following systems are available through the OICE. Novice users, contact member of staff first.

Zeiss 780 (AG Alzheimer)

- laser scanning microscope, GASP Detektor Array

Leica SP5 II (AG M. Frasch)

- inverted confocal laser scanning microscope

The following system operaters can be accessed directly.

De-localised individually managed

Zeiss Axio Observer 710 (AG Brandst├Ątter)

- laser scanning microscope, NLO ready

Zeiss Axio Examiner 780 (AG Brandst├Ątter)

- laser scanning microscope, customised multiphoton laser scanning microscope

Leica SP5 II (AG B. Fabry)

- upright confocal laser scanning microscope

Nikon TiE Epifluorescence Ultrafast-Calcium imaging (AG O. Friedrich)

- inverted,Shutter DG, 4 excitation wavelength switch, intergated white light TIRF

Nikon TiE Epifluorescence Ultrafast (AG O. Friedrich)

- inverted microscope with cell culture incubation chamber from Oculab

Nikon TIE (AG Wrosch)

- inverted live cell imaging microscope, fully automised, including perfusionsystem for fast medium exchange

Nikon TIE TIRF (AG Wrosch)

- total internal reflection microscope, 488, 560, 530 & 640 laser lines

LaVision TriMscope II (AG O. Friedrich)

- inverted multifocal-multiphoton microscope. Ti:Sa laser and OPO far-infrared extension for ultrafast SHG and THG